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Kenneth R. Kafka M.D.
Dr. Kafka

Integrative Medicine

My medical practice has evolved over many years. I combine a wide variety of natural healing approaches with my traditional medical training. After a detailed whole person oriented medical history and physical exam, I utilize a full array of laboratory testing to determine what kinds of imbalances you might have, and then design a healing or longevity program with you.

The laboratory testing can involve blood, saliva and urine testing, as well as digestive analysis and genetic predisposition testing.

Treatment can involve foods, herbs and other nutritional therapies, medications, a full spectrum of bio-identical hormone therapies, toxin identification and removal, optimizing your body’s immune system and detoxifying capacity, and helping you balance your body and your mind. As an internist and an anti-aging physician, I deal with common medical problems as well as complex ones.

Symptoms involving digestion, metabolism, cardiovascular health, allergies, lack of vitality, moodiness, cognitive changes, insomnia, menopause, sexual health, thyroid imbalances, adrenal dysfunction and weight gain are the type of problems I most commonly see. Wide varieties of changes are associated with the various “pauses” (menopause, andropause) of aging, and I greatly enjoy helping others diminish and postpone those symptoms. I emphasize prevention and aim to employ a restorative model to help you optimize your vitality, longevity and quality of life.


Over this past decade, I have investigated weight loss issues as the obesity epidemic has grown so quickly. I am extremely happy about a Weight Reduction Program I have formulated utilizing Dr. Simeon’s approach using HCG, with the addition of a mind-body component. This program has had an enormous impact on the health of many of my patients and has been very fulfilling for me.


Interestingly, I have been somewhat uniquely positioned regarding assisting people on the spiritual path. After experiencing my own spiritual awakening in 1986, I frequently saw patients in NYC who were long time meditation practitioners and/or healers. This has of course continued in my practice in Southern California.

There are remarkable things that happen to people as they pursue spiritual disciplines, and I have found that at different thresholds of personal change, stress can become enormous. This can greatly influence brain chemistry, hormonal balance, general overall vitality, and can create an imbalance of perspective on how to live a fulfilling human/spiritual life. As vital, wondrous and enlightening as spiritual awakenings can be, it can then be a great challenge to integrate your awakening into your humanity and actualize your soul’s calling. I greatly enjoy assisting others find balance while going through or integrating these types of changes.


In my opinion, nutritional supplements and herbs can be very important. When ill or run down they can be used to heal or renew. Sometimes high doses are needed for a few months, and after deficiencies are restored, they can be tapered to a very manageable amount. As we mature, most people need higher amounts of supplementation. I carry a small supply of supplements that I deem important in the office. This enables immediate treatment in some cases and is practical. For your convenience, I have set up an account with the vitamin company Emerson Ecologics. They carry supplements from most of the nutritional companies that I have come to trust over the years, including Pure Encapsulations, Allergy Research Group, Designs for Health, Douglas Labs and many others. They are a highly respected company with excellent service, shipment usually arriving 24-48 hours after placing an order. You will receive a 10% discount as a service from me to you. Please contact my office for further information.


An initial comprehensive office visit can last up to one and one half hours This includes taking a detailed medical history, a complete physical exam, and then time for you and I to discuss what type of testing and approach will suit you best. Follow up appointments usually last 30-45 minutes, but this can be quite variable.

I am not affiliated with any insurance program, including Medicare. Payment is due at the time of services, and my office will give you a bill for services provided, which you can submit to your insurance company. Most PPO insurance plans give partial reimbursement, anywhere from 40-80%. There are no reimbursements from HMO’s or Medicare. All testing fees are separate, and usually involve direct payment to the laboratory or billing through your insurance company. For patients without insurance, I have a relationship with a laboratory for a cash price paid directly to the lab that is very patient friendly.


Professional Employment

  • Private Practice, Internal Medicine Jan 1990 – Present
  • Assistant Attending Physician, Emergency Department, New York Presbyterian Hospital July 1987 – Jan 1990


  • Clinical Instructor in Internal Medicine, Cornell University Medical College July 1987 – 2002
  • Assistant Attending Physician, New York Presbyterian Hospital July 1987 – 2002

Professional Training

  • Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital June 1984 – June 1987
  • Board Certification in Internal Medicine January 1988
  • Certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine September 2009

Professional Organizations and Licenses

  • Associate, American College of Physicians, 1987
  • Member, American Holistic Medical Association
  • Licenses: New York State, New Mexico, Arizona, California

Medical Education

  • 1980 – 1984 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY Degree: Doctor of Medicine
  • 1993 – 1994 Robert T. Jaffe School of Energy Mastery, Sedona, AZ


  • Alpha Omega Alpha (National Medical Honor Society)


  • Co-author of the following clinical drug studies:
  • Twice Daily Nicardipine Hydrochloride Dosages in Hypertensive Patients Bepridil Hydrochoride:
  • An Open Long-term Study in Stable Angina Patients
  • Professional Musician


  • Kafka, K.R., Frishman, W. Antianginal Agents. Chapter in R.I.H. Wang’s Practical Drug Therapy, Medstream Press, 1987
  • Kafka, K.R., Meltzer, A.H., Frishman, W. Antianginal Agents, Parts I, II and III.
  • Hospital Formulary Vols. 20 & 21. November 1985 through March 1986.
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Pharmacology Syllabus for Medical Students, section on Antianginal Agents.

Undergraduate Education

  • Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, A.B. 1968 –1972

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